Advocacy Writing

AirLearn delivers clear, concise, and persuasive writing of all kinds, from a short press release to a long-form report. Thorough, precise research underpins every assignment, coupled with the wisdom that can only come from nearly five decades in aviation – something no big PR firm can offer.

In addition to writing for a range of clients, dozens of articles have appeared in newspapers like USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, and magazines like American Way and Forbes, as well as industry publications.

Clients have also leveraged Rob's extensive speaking experience for presentations to small groups, conferences, and other gatherings.

Here are examples of recent assignments:
> An ongoing series of op-eds in Huffington Post for a Washington, D.C., airline coalition
> The first-ever CSR report for a major U.S. airline
> Product introduction materials for a travel-software startup
> An entire suite of promotional materials for an IT startup
> Executive speechwriting and correspondence for a Fortune 100 CEO
> Video script for a safety initiative of an international association