Why AirLearn?
Single Focus.
Unparalleled Experience.
Guaranteed Results.

AirLearn is focused. Commercial aviation is all we do. We help you understand this complex and ever-changing business, and translate those insights and knowledge into effective results.

AirLearn has unparalleled experience. Almost no expert can match our nearly 50 years in aviation, across a range of roles, organizations, and crises – we were there after 9/11, labor strikes, and more.  When big consulting firms need to really understand the business, they call us.

AirLearn guarantees your satisfaction. It’s simple: if you’re not happy with our programs or expertise, you don’t pay (less actual expenses, of course). Big firms don't do that.

What We Do

Our AirlineEd programs help a range of audiences, from airline suppliers to MBA students, understand the complexities and dynamics of the airline business.

We’ve been writing a range of persuasive prose for more than four decades. The style is crisp and concise, always clear and well argued.

We help new and older firms solve a variety of challenges. There’s no learning curve the client has to pay for, nor junior consultants who think they know the business.


In the wake of the several visible and unfortunate incidents aboard U.S. airlines, and subsequent pushback in Washington, we've offered perspective on the airline industry in an op-ed in The Hill (for the record, AirLearn did not write the headline nor choose the provocative pics and links).

We've added our voice to the chorus of aviation experts calling for U.S. ATC reform by spinning it into an independent, nonprofit organization, like much of the rest of the world has already done.  The AirLearn view is here.

AirLearn has begun to develop short videos to explain the airline business and offer some perspective.  Check out the first one here.

AirLearn continues to support the Partnership for Open and Fair Skies, by writing and speaking out against the huge subsidies to Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways, which greatly distort competition. Most articles appear in a Huffington Post blog.

In 2016, AirLearn visited 27 universities in 10 countries, reaching more than 2,700 students.  In addition, Rob taught two specialized MBA electives at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., on crisis management and advertising campaign development.