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“Rob Britton has spent a lifetime in the airline industry, and does a fine job of making its complexities both understandable and interesting. Anyone interested in knowing more about this often perplexing business will find Rob both helpful and entertaining.”


Bob Crandall

Former Chairman and CEO

American Airlines


“[Rob] is a shining beacon of common sense.”


IATA Director General Tony Tyler, commenting on Rob’s article on the 2015 U.S. DOJ inquiry into airline pricing and capacity




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On February 25 in New York, Rob will be the closing speaker at Aviation Day USA, a new event sponsored by IATA and The Wings Club.  

Rob continues to speak out against the enormous subsidies the three Gulf mega-carriers receive, which greatly distort competition. Many articles appear in his blogspace in the Huffington Post.

In September, Eno Transportation Weekly published Rob’s assessment of the recent DOJ inquiry into airline pricing and capacity, here.


Above: Granddaughter Dylan’s contribution to the website: “Potsy (Rob) is driving the plane.”